Gigapixel Imaging

Ultra high resolution gigapixel photography gives you never seen details and zoom possibilities. 360 GIGAPIXEL has nearly 10 years of experience in the industry guarantees the best quality with the highest possible resolution.

Virtual Reality (VR) tools

Virtual Reality is the most developing area of digital imagination. 360 videos and photos are allowing the public to be part of the story or to have a first person view of the clients product.

Interactive Devices

Having the best content is only the first step to impress the public. Showing it on an innovative way is the key for a good event or exhibition. With our installations the visitors can interact with the content in many ways.


Everybody has good ideas, but the way from an idea to the finished product is a long way. We are helping our clients to shorten this long process with our experience in all the visual content making, event organising and different kind of development projects.



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