360 GIGAPIXEL delivers digital solutions you could only dream about. Keeping our finger always on the pulse of the latest digital technologies, we are committed to providing innovative ideas and unique solutions to meet your needs.

Our mission is to help our clients use the latest technological achievements to their gain. That is why we continuously create new media products and tools, for you. We specialise in finding a solution for every photo- and cinematography-related request in the highest possible resolution and quality. During the working process, we strive to make things as simple and easy as possible, while keeping you updated at the significant steps of the project. In cases where a creative solution might be needed, we provide consulting and build the idea for you from scratch.

This digital ingenuity and flexibility offers our clients the opportunity to showcase a brand or project, engage customers and build a lasting image, from a never before seen perspective.

360 GIGAPIXEL products and services are used by companies active in a wide range of markets: tourism, real estate, education & arts, scientific research, telecommunications, public administration, film production, and many more…

360 GIGAPIXEL has nearly 10 years of experience in creating full-service projects across a vast range of digital technologies and multiple platforms.

Gigapixel Imaging

Ultrahigh-resolution gigapixel photography gives you never-before-seen details and zoom possibilities. 360 GIGAPIXEL has nearly 10 years of experience in the industry and guarantees the best quality with the highest possible resolution.

Virtual Reality (VR) tools

Virtual Reality is the fastest developing area of digital imaging. 360-degree videos and photos allow the public to be part of the story or to have a first-person view of the client’s product.

Interactive Devices

Having the best content is only the first step towards impressing the public. Presenting it in an innovative way is the key to a good event or exhibition. With our installations, visitors can interact with content in many ways.


Everybody has good ideas, but the road from an idea to a finished product is long. We help our clients shorten this process with our experience in visual content production, event organisation and development.



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