Dubai Frame – Gigapixel Panorama & 24h Time Lapse

As the name suggests, Dubai Frame will act as a gigantic picture frame made up of two 150-metre high towers connected at the top by a 93-metre bridge. The new iconic building of the city is perfectly located between modern and old Dubai, and it is expected to attract 2 million tourists a year.

We were invited to shoot a 24-hour timelapse videos and high-quality gigapixel panorama photos of Dubai as seen from the top of the building. They will be featured in the Dubai Frame Visitor Centre: On the timelapse videos, visitors can follow the daily life of one of the most spectacular cities in the Middle East, while in the gigapixel panorama photos, displayed on tablets, they can discover the never-before-seen details of the Dubai cityscape.


Dubai Frame

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November 2016