RepTár – Interactive Devices

The RepTár Military Aircraft Museum in Szolnok, Hungary is a unique exhibition of aviation history in Eastern Europe. With new technologies like smartphones, virtual reality, high-resolution digital imaging, motion control and many more, the visitor’s experience inside RepTár is completely transformed compared to traditional museums. The digital tools not only enhance the experience of visitors immensely, they also help preserve historical heritage and make it more accessible to the public.

We were responsible for developing a gesture-controlled interactive tool to present Hungarian aviation history. Using a Microsoft Kinect sensor, visitors can control the infographics displayed on a large screen without having to touch anything, simply by using body movements and various gestures. Another task was to implement a built-in camera system in one of the exhibited aircrafts, where visitors can sit in the pilot's seat, and take a selfie. We came out with a safe and simple solution. The picture taken is immediately sent to the visitor’s e-mail address. In addition, we also took part in developing the creative concept of the 10-metre wide panorama wall projection in the main exhibition hall, and helped to optimise technical issues as consultants.


RepTár - Military Aircraft Museum


September 2016


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