RepTár – Virtual Reality Tools

The RepTár Military Aircraft Museum in Szolnok, Hungary is a unique exhibition of aviation history in Eastern Europe. With new technologies like smartphones, virtual reality, high-resolution digital imaging, motion control and many more, the visitor’s experience inside RepTár is completely transformed compared to traditional museums. The digital tools not only enhance the experience of visitors immensely, they also help preserve historical heritage and make it more accessible to the public.

As part of the exhibition on aviation history, Virtual Reality (VR) glasses are placed next to the showcased objects. When they put on VR glasses, visitors can look around in the 3D cockpit of 13 different historical aircraft as if they were there in reality. We were responsible for creating the content for the VR glasses and to develop a background operating system which can be handled by the museum staff.

Another feature of RepTár is a 4D cinema system, developed by 360world and Dexma Ltd, which brings a new dimension to the visitor experience. In the 4D cinema, visitors wear specially crafted VR headsets and watch high-quality 360-degree video footage of aviation events while sitting in seats that move in sync with the on-screen action. We supported the immersive visitor experience by creating some action-packed content (for example parachuting from an aircraft) for the 4D cinema.


RepTár - Military Aircraft Museum

Production Partners:

360 world



September 2016


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