Sörárium – Interactive Tools

The Sörárium - Interactive Beer Museum in Szolnok, Hungary invites visitors on an entertaining and deeply informative journey in the history of beer making, from ancient Egypt to 21st-century Europe. The exhibit uses digital technology and interactive display elements to increase visitor engagement and encourage learning through interaction. One of our contributions was to develop an interactive display with the use of a Microsoft Kinect sensor, where visitor can browse the beers of the world, simply by using body movements and various gestures.

For the museum’s mood room, we created a multi-screen looping time lapse video displaying a summer field with marching clouds. Based on people's general attraction to touchscreen devices, we delivered an interactive solution with a natural user interface. The innovative multi-touch screen can accommodate multiple users simultaneously, allowing them to intuitively and effortlessly access information about beer history.


Sörárium - Interactive Beer Museum


July 2016


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