Vienna Tourist Board – Sphere Tour

Vienna embarked on a roadshow to six major cities in Europe. The main element of the touristic campaign is a huge inflatable sphere with a diameter of 22 metres. Visitors could get to know Vienna in the dome using the interactive devices that we developed.

The roadshow presenting the Austrian capital started off in Barcelona and visited London, Paris, Berlin, and Milan, among other destinations. A large spherical tent was set up at each location, able to host around 500 people. The specialty of the inflatable tent was that the combination of a 360-degree spherical panoramic video and a 3D animation was projected on the inner surface of the sphere using high-performance projectors.

VR (virtual reality) glasses were among the devices improving visitors’ experience in the tent – these are becoming increasingly popular nowadays and are spreading in tourism marketing as well. By putting on the device one could admire Vienna’s famous buildings through 360-degree gigapixel panoramic photos just as if they were on the spot.

The other interactive device created by Hungarian developers uses the sensor of a Microsoft Kinect, and visitors could control the panoramic photo displayed on the huge screens without having to touch anything, simply by using hand movements and various gestures.

At the five locations more than 20,000 visitors tried our VR and Kinect experience and had the possibility to virtually look around in Vienna.


Vienna Tourist Board


March - Jun, 2015